Validating rnai targets

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Validating rnai targets

Synthetic si RNAs are most commonly generated through solid-phase chemical synthesis methods (such as patented 2'-ACE chemistry) which provide highly pure, stable, and readily modified si RNAs.

Small double-strand si RNAs are transfected into cells where the guide strand is loaded into RISC.

Table 1 lists the advantages and limitations of each delivery method.

The success of RNAi experiments depends on the efficiency of gene knockdown.

The properties of potent si RNAs were further refined by performing large-scale functional studies that defined thermodynamic and sequence-based rules for rational si RNA design [2].

However, both normal and malignant leukocytes are among the most difficult targets for si RNA delivery as they are resistant to conventional transfection reagents and are dispersed in the body.

We used mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) as a prototypic blood cancer for validating a novel si RNA delivery strategy.

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RNA interference (RNAi) is an important pathway that is used in many different organisms to regulate gene expression.

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