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Each network can be regarded as a collection of systems that provide various services to its clients or users. A motivating examples of our security metrics provided Sect. We propose a simple and applicable metrics to predict a level of network security. [3] describe the metric at an abstract level as two composition operators with features for expressing additional constraints. The first case assumes the domain of attack resistance to be real number and the second case represents resistances as a set of initial security conditions.

When considering security, the measurement of security metrics must be able to produce a value and expressed as real number or percentage. These metrics is built based on the criteria of good metric as explain in [1]. [2] focus on using Net SPA to verify the security of existing networks and, if necessary, create a prioritized list of recommendations for system administrators that provide the greatest improvement in network security by blocking the most destructive attack paths first. It show that the proposed metric satisfies desired properties and that it adheres to common sense.

The sequences are clustered using graph clustering technique, which considers similarity in sequences as a factor to determine closeness of sequences.

The suggested approach combines the concept of attack graphs and clustering on sequences of alerts using graph clustering technique. explain that various tools exist to analyze enterprise network systems and to produce attack graphs detailing how attackers might penetrate into the system.

These attack graphs, however, are often complex and difficult to comprehend fully, and a human user may find it problematic to reach appropriate configuration decisions.

Their research presents methodologies that can automatically identify portions of an attack graph that do not help a user to understand the core security problems and so can be trimmed and automatically group similar attack steps as virtual nodes in a model of the network topology, to immediately increase the understandability of the data. explain that evaluation of network security is an essential step in securing any network. propose a novel security metric framework that identifies and quantifies objectively the most significant security risk factors, which include existing vulnerabilities, historical trend of vulnerability of the remotely accessible services, prediction of potential vulnerabilities for any general network service and their estimated severity and finally policy resistance to attack propagation within the network.

Their work describe a substantial enhancements to the Net SPA attack graph system required to model additional present-day threats (zero-day exploits and client-side attacks) and countermeasures (intrusion prevention systems, proxy firewalls, personal firewalls, and host-based vulnerability scans).

Security incidents can also cause loss of reputation and loss of good outsourcing relations.The idea behind this metric is that the security of network increase if a number of non vulnerable host on a network increase. These attack graphs are derived from network configuration of hosts.In figure 1 present the attack graph derived from five hosts on the network.The proposed metrics explained in the next paragraphs.NEVP metric defines how many percent non exploited vulnerability on a network exist.

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Formulation of the proposed metrics also explained and equipped with a clear definition.

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