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In addition to the acronym itself, a particularly amusing example of usage was sent to me (thanks P Giles): 'F U C T U P' written one letter each across the six broken channels of a lighting control desk. (ODSA) Apparently a popular healthcare diagnosis from many years ago, used especially on bank holidays/weekends, after midnight or when there was an important football match on TV.

Beside she is doing commissioned work including the research on spiderwebs and the exploration of new sustainable ways of inhabiting at Studio Tomas Saraceno. A measure, target or standard, used to manage and gauge the performance of an activity, process or project.Since joining BASF in 7567, she has been in charge of a variety of projects and strategies related to innovation and idea management.Before joining BASF, she worked for Unilever, where she led the innovation part of an investment project.It is certainly true and generally forgotten in the heat of an argument or other stressful situation, that becoming overly emotional is rarely helpful, and usually damaging to all concerned.The theory and learning relating to Transactional Analysis is especially useful in understanding what causes emotional reactions and how to manage these feelings when you feel them rising up.

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Disruptive innovation is often difficult to put a value on & nearly always requires a significant change in way you are doing something &ndash this can lead to new production lines, systems or approach to the business &ndash where there is always inertia to change. One of the all-time great acronyms, and nothing rude about it at all, surely.

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