Personal sex videos of jorge delafuente

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Personal sex videos of jorge delafuente

Many of the missing are itinerant workers and salesmen, offering handcrafted goods and other products for sale or on their way to the border to try their luck in the maquilas.A few are professionals, journalists or public security officers that avoided collusion with the underworld.They are just now beginning to move the inquiry, to implement procedures that should have started from the first day of the complaint”Just to continue along Highway 57 can be reckless.There are no checkpoints, only municipal police patrols that in routine checks inquire about identities and destinations and waylay the unlucky traveler with a police extortion, or mordida.They returned disillusioned by the same disinterest. “Attorney General Arturo Chavez cannot see you, you need to leave” was the response they received.Jesús Verastegui Escobedo y Antonio Verastegui González, father and son who disappeared while returning to Parras de la Fuente after returnung from a religous retreat.If any eyewitness ever mentions an important fact, it is done hidden in anonymity and never as official testimony in a state investigation., a group of 12 Atlanta Duramex employees from Ecatepec, estado de Mexico, traveling in 2 vehicles disappeared without a trace while selling vinyl automobile paints in Piedras Negras.

A common denominator in these disappearances is the impunity that characterizes them as the authorities refuse to initiate preliminary investigations, abuse the families of the missing, and threaten them when they make their own inquiry and cause too much attention.

Nancy Lorena Rojas Morales, wife of Vicente Rojo, one of the missing men from Ecatepec says that after the disappearance of her husband she has to leave their children alone each time she gets get temporary work or when she looks for employment.

The children have also suffered from the absence of his father, they are depressed, no longer show interest in school and have become aggressive.

The men in one of the vehicles called from a gasoline station in the Villa de Fuente colonia stating that the employees in the other vehicle were missing.

None of the men were seen or heard from after that call.

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The Army stopped them at a checkpoint in Nava and released them because they brought documents to prove ownership of the merchandise.

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