Pennsylvania laws on dating minors

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Pennsylvania laws on dating minors

Penalties for “date rape” are even more severe, including 10 more years of imprisonment and an additional fine of up to 0,000.

When the victim is younger than 13, offenders can be imprisoned for up to 40 years.

Like one without a curfew or one that could buy you a drink?

I'm actually a man, and I can tell you that age isn't always a sign of maturity.

(that people might do on a date that, again, wouldn't be sexual) And what a suspicious person that doesn't know the full story would need as evidence to turn us into the cops.

I'm just doing everything I can to make sure we can make it till he does turn 18.Yes, well, everything that's in the books refers to sexual acts. All I want to know is what we are allowed to do, like watch a movie in the same room by ourselves, that isn't sexual.It always amazes me when a (in this case) 21 year old (supposed to be) WOMAN is so enamored with a child.Pennsylvania’s law on sex crimes is fairly complex, defining numerous crimes that are different both in their circumstances and the severity of punishment exacted on convicted offenders.In this guide, we’ll break down these gradations of sexual crime in detail.

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We plan on waiting till he turns 18 before we start doing anything, but in the meantime what is allowed?