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and uses require special permission, as explained in the ordinance at right.

The application for a Facility Use Permit and a Special Events Permit is available on line.

These trees have to learn to live in what is here so no amendment, just a layer of compost over the top, a good soaking and some cedar mulch around the tree.For now I am spending the days trying to tidy up before we get the next frost.Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain, which began construction in the early 1880s under the direction of the architect Antoni Gaudí.Essential vehicles and vessels shall include the following: law enforcement and emergency vehicles and vessels; municipal, county, state and other government vehicles and vessels; beach service vehicles and vessels, and any other vehicles or vessel deemed essential by the local, state, or federal agency.shall mean those activities designed to enable a person or persons, outfitted with a wing, sail, chute, or other apparatus, when pulled behind a boat, to sail, glide, or float up into the air for an indeterminate period of time.

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But now we are starting to trim some of them up and remove the ugly ones and we are finding a number of persimmons growing in among the cedars.