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Give massages dating

By sedating the nervous system, massage can bring a much-needed rest and an assuring sense of well-being to the body.Skillfully applied touch can have a profound effect on body chemistry, decreasing the production of stress hormones, with resulting beneficial effects to blood sugar levels.After the session, he checks his blood glucose level again.To date, five student massage therapy interns have given massage in the diabetes clinic.Prior massage experience has varied, but all have been enthusiastic to receive the massages.

The clinic has also produced some useful data on the changes that occur in blood glucose levels during massage.

This has been a tremendous opportunity to observe the benefits of therapeutic massage, and to record changes in blood sugar level during the course of a session.

The students who participate in the clinic have all received their basic instruction in Swedish or Integrative Therapeutic Massage.

More than 20 people with diabetes have received massage, some more than once.

It has been an enjoyable experience for all participants.

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Each person is required to check his blood glucose level before the session and to note the time of his most recent meal or snack and what he ate.

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