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----------------------------- Recap - PSO2 Stage 1 (September 22) Dengeki!Polytan Carnival Video id=0B_...i13RHct M1Fu Zl U ----------------------------- Recap - PSO2 Stage 2 (September 23) Balance Update Video DJRNn RMNUl0Zz Q Early October Update Video Hhkd G5Ob Uhs T28 Late October Update Video but please register first: this will guarantee you a sit with us as a normal guest or a VIP guest. We made this event as a big thank you for being with us all this time. If you'll be around in those dates, please, by all means, visit us... As most of you know, we'll have our Gamigo party overseas. If by any chance you're travelling to Europe, we would love to have you.

I tried going through the "Timeline" menu and restarting the save at the Bradbury swimming pool and the same thing happens, except the same error occurs when the game is going through the "previously on Quantum Break" section.

However it’s quite possible (probable) that this is all for a video shoot and nothing more.

Well either way, now’s as good a time as ever to show you some more pics of the woman who’s broken the Internet a few times before.

And ever since EP3, the cinematic has been about the 1st raid boss of the episode so...

We're either getting this, a new field or something new, we haven't had any EP5 related content other than buster quest...

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Hello, I am on Act 2, Part 3 the Bradbury Swimming Pool and I have encountered a game breaking bug.