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Flirt chat site with nude photo

It didn't take long for them to realise I wasn't there to sell my body, but because my work was worthy.

If Dolly's songs are her children, some of them, such as I Will Always Love You, have been over-achievers.

' Dolly has been writing songs ever since she was seven growing up 'dirt poor' on a farm in Sevier County, Tennessee.

The fourth of 12 children, she soon discovered her talent, and that, coupled with her extraordinary looks, was a passport to fame and popularity.

Elvis Presley wanted to record it, 'but his manager, Colonel Tom Parker, wanted me to sign over half the publishing rights, which I couldn't do,' says Dolly.

'Everyone thought I was mad to turn down Elvis, but it was an executive decision.' That decision was vindicated when Whitney Houston's 1992 rendition of the song turned it into one of the biggest hits of all time, earning Dolly some £4 million to date.

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Her ultra-femininity is incredibly appealing and one can't help picturing her in her gym, working out in high heels. 'I have tennis shoes with little rhinestones that I slip on if I exercise. I'm such a short little thing, I can't reach my kitchen cabinets.' She's honest about her looks, and if there's a quip to be made, she's usually said it first and said it funnier.

When asked once how long it took to do her hair, Dolly, an advocate of wig-wearing, replied, 'How do I know? ' As for the plastic surgery she's had on her face and her boobs (or 'showdogs', as she calls them), she says, 'I'll always do nips and tucks to keep everything up. ' Dolly's the epitome of what feminism espouses – achieving success in a male-dominated world on her own terms – but says, 'I've never been a feminist.' And with a hug, a kiss and a clack of her heels she's off, taking with her the two huge assets that have kept her at the top: her undoubted brains and her phenomenal talent.

'Oh, he exists,' laughs Dolly, 'it's just he doesn't really like to be with anybody but me.

He loves staying home and working on the farm.' With Dolly often on tour, is it a case of absence making the heart grow fonder?

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Today she's wearing a black fringed skirt over black shorts, five-inch stripper heels and a multi-coloured fitted jacket around her weeny waist and those historic breasts.

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