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Even in situations where the law gives us access, ‘cash and carry’ health-care systems, stigma and a growing religious fundamentalism prevent us from fully accessing a range of reproductive health services.

They got support from some high-profile women, including Isabella dos Santos – which was a struggle for them because of political and ideological differences.These are things that are near impossible to do in contexts where there is little to no sex education.There are blogs, like HOLA Africa, that provide space and visibility to queer African women – something that, in my view, radically responds to the false notion that homosexuality is ‘un African’.Mabele and numerous other women tackled head on the stigma of living with HIV, creating support networks for women to live positively and to be in the driving seat of work around HIV and Aids activism. An increasing number of feminist activists are creating space to talk about sex, sexuality, sexual rights and everything in between. Since 2009, alongside my co-blogger Malaka Grant and a collective of contributors, I have curated the blog Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women as a space where African women can share their own stories about sex and sexuality.I often meet women who give me direct feedback about what the blog has meant to them personally and how it has enabled them to have conversations with partners that might otherwise have been difficult to have, or even to just learn about sex from other women.

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The doctor sent me off for my lab tests and said I could pick up my prescriptions from the nurse at reception.