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Don’t make the mistake of trying to change your partner. We may be labeled as ‘troubled’ or ‘crazy’ but that does not at all mean we can’t have healthy relationships. You have to mentally see what they see, read between the lines.You have to be mature enough to learn about it and want to do your part to make the relationship work. And I would like you to know it is NOT impossible to date us, it is POSSIBLE that you are very judgmental and not understanding what the disorder truly is and that you are simply clueless on how you can help make the relationship work.All successful, healthy relationships are built through respect and trust. I always had these codependent/borderline characteristics and it made me really insecure.One of the biggest lies ever fed to society is this idea that life should be easy and simple. To make matters worse, my parents always told me that the right girl will eventually come, further deepening my codependent upbringing with this idea that I can sit back, be passive and get a girl.Accepting this fact is what led me on my journey of self-discovery and life-changing improvements to get me where I am today. And I want you to experience the same life-changing benefits and amazing women that I now find myself with (and yes, even crazy women can be amazing). It’s not just non’s I help — I also regularly help out people with BPD who want to improve! Here’s a message from a woman who is diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. But I would like to point out that I am not (neither are other people with this disorder) hopeless to date. It also takes an understanding from the person with BPD to want to change, and OVERCOME the disorder, which is possible. The man can’t be the only one working on his actions.One of my favorite quotes is this: A woman gives you shit to make sure you are the shit. Read it and notice the many lessons within: ======================= “Hello Rick! I have been in a relationship with a man for over a year now. The woman must understand at least a little that she does have a disorder and does need help with it. But let me tell you it DOES make a difference on how the man over and over again or he WILL leave me.Just assume that it’s highly likely that the girl you’re dating does in fact have BPD (especially if she’s a cutie). This report is important because it talks about the biggest mistake that men make in BPD relationships: rewarding bad behavior. It’s my free gift to you and will give you a good introduction into my relationship philosophy and why so many people get success through my training very quickly.Chances are, you don’t even realize you’re doing this. The word ‘BPD’ has so many negative words associated with it.

However, as you’ll learn in this article, beautiful women tend to have many traits that are common among Borderlines. When you say something I don’t like, I want to say, “Take a hike.” Baby, please stay. When we get into a small fight, The fear that you will leave me feels right. Dear future lover, If you make even the smallest mistake, My heart may break. When I look back on my old self, it was no surprise that I kept on ending up with women that and a terrible belief system, I attracted equally terrible women into my life.I really had a tough time letting go of my ego and accepting that I have codependent and borderline characteristics.

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