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Dating communication men

You can view Part I here for the first 10 lessons if you have not read it yet…The way you communicate with women will determine whether you are viewed as a potential friend or lover (this happens in less than 30 seconds).Communication goes hand and hand with your personality.It is vital that you are a relaxed, non-needy guy if you want to add value. Give her good emotions, then you can easily ask for emotions from her.Once you are relaxed and non-needy, everything you say will be value giving. So much of social interactions, flirting and intimacy are about the exchanges of emotions from one person to the other. Anytime you are communicating with someone in person, phone or text, ask yourself: Am I taking value from this person or giving value?A couple other key points for communication are your vocal tonality and body language. Nothing is more unattractive than a man who can’t fully express himself and makes it hard to hear his voice.Practice good body language by taking up space, standing up straight, having your shoulders back, chest out and head straight ahead (not down towards the ground).Lean back in a conversation and allow other people to lean into you.Practice your ability to tell captivating stories, build rapport, and direct more attention towards yourself for the sole purpose of giving more value to the interaction. Sometimes she’s not sure and you are there to reassure here.

Show that you have a well-developed sense of humor, don’t take things too serious, know how to laugh at yourself, and at the rest of the world. Slow down when you speak, enunciate, increase your volume, and deepen the tone of your voice.

Quick suggestions for improving communication and social skills: Think about the people you interact with in life.

Have you ever met somebody who just made you smile, feel better about yourself, make you inspired or elicited positive emotions? Such people add value to your life by making you feel positive emotions.

Develop strong eye contact, don’t be the first person to look away.

Have slow, comfortable and relaxed movements and reduce nervous fidgeting or blinking.

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When you show a woman that she has no power over you then she begins to view you as a challenge, and begins to seek validation from you vs what most men do is seek validation from her. In the beginning it’s important to simply build and release tension (push/pulls).

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