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Now that the show’s over, Benberry and Kelce are free to date like normal people.

After filming ended in April they were able to ditch the cameras, but could only see each other in secret — her in Los Angeles, him in Kansas. began airing promotions for the TV show in August, however, producers put an end to their visits. Monday is the soonest they can see each other, with Kelce busy with the Chiefs and Benberry back in Paducah.

“I can’t be too upset, because legally I agreed to it. I went on the show initially to promote myself in a way, and my image on the show isn’t how I am in real life.

But if nothing else, that’s just pushing me to make sure my actions speak more than my words from here on out.” Benberry’s always known a great deal of editing and manipulation happens to reality TV footage but never realized the extent of it until she experienced it herself, she said.

A trashy dating show on VH1 that aired for three seasons.

For the most part these girls didn’t have nicknames, but they were all stupid. The highlights: Bret got turned on by everything, and almost every girl on the show was a stripper (which turned Bret on).

He’ll continue focusing on his football career in Kansas City, and she’ll continue focusing on hers in L. Now she’s working on her own fashion line and her lifestyle and advice blog, “Uncensored Moments with Maya.” She and Kelce will figure things out in time, she said. “Now I’m going to have to figure out how I can incorporate him into my life, and vice versa.

Everybody makes fun of MTV and VH1 “music” channels for doing everything that isn’t related to music, but we need to remember that they gave us the greatest gift of all – trashy reality dating shows.

“Now I feel like I need to redeem myself in a way,” Benberry continued.

Fellow contestant Lexi Noel actually drove up to Paducah from her home state of Georgia on Wednesday to watch the finale with Benberry at Walker Hall.

“Some of us, we just feel like the show could have been so much better.

Her feelings for Kelce are real — much more real than “Catching Kelce,” she said — but they’re taking things slow.

She’s not going to uproot her life and move fulltime into his just yet.

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For example, Benberry said the majority of the girls in the “Catching Kelce” mansion grew to be close friends, but the warm and fuzzy moments don’t get shown.

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  1. But the film has a lot going for it, from Burke's complexly drawn, world-weary performance to the fine efforts from the supporting cast (Adrienne Barbeau also shows up briefly, as Jack's loving mom) to the witty screenplay co-written by the director with Michael Zagst and John O' Connell.