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Good luck with your search.” She couldn’t get off the phone fast enough, but did not cancel their upcoming first date. This dating disaster could have been prevented before they became too emotionally attached online. In this case, she might have ended up on a street corner alone, looking for a cab back home. Take the time to remember something your date wrote in their profile or said on the phone.

Think of preparing for your date like you would for a job interview for your dream job.

Accept all invitations this holiday weekend, watch the fireworks, and get ready for summer love.

I'm so excited to watch the fireworks from my rooftop again this year, that I am offering a very special 50% offer on my introduction special for IRRESISTIBLE coaching.

I'll be taking a break this Saturday, and we'll resume again on July 10th.

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Whether you are single on the 4th and ready to flirt or need a little spark to ignite your relationship, there's no better time to fill you life with love and excitement than this holiday weekend. You spend an hour every night chatting online and get several text messages during the day. The couple’s first phone conversation didn’t go well. Let’s look at some ways to prevent your first date from ending up a dating disaster. If you don’t have any phone chemistry at all, or find yourself in an argument with your date before you even meet them, don’t schedule a date. If you put a date on the calendar, don’t feel badly about canceling. Here’s an example of a first date just ended up badly.He kept interrupting her and even started an argument with her about how to manage her career. She ended up meeting him for sushi and from the beginning of the date until it was over, he continued to argue with her. Since they had communicated mostly online, they ended up with a false illusion that they were in a relationship. After several emails back-and-forth, it was time for them to talk on the phone and move the relationship along. In this case, both of them started to text friends during the date. He said he wanted to go on a “real date.” She knew better enough to say no to this request. In this case, her date thought she had never been married and didn’t remember what she did for a living.She should have ended the conversation with, “I don’t think this relationship is right for me. The couple waited almost three weeks before ever hearing each other’s voices. Unless you want your date to end badly, keep your Black Berry or i Phone off the table. It’s rude and sends a message that you are more interested in something other than your date. Always meet your date in a public place and don’t end up in a car with someone you don’t know on a first date. If you are on a date, make it personal and keep it light.

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