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Armstrong dating song

This did not faze her from achieving over the years. Liberty appeared again before the baby was born, but J. but they were not allowed into the after party because they were not MVP's. So, when her son's parents announce they are moving to Seattle, Washington, Liberty and J. put together a memory box, so that one day their child can find them and learn about them. and Liberty seem to be friends again, and they definitely still have feelings for each other. was able to straighten everything out with Mia & then he confronts her about everything saying that she is miserable and seeing him happy burns her. responded that he had a girlfriend but Liberty asked if he loved Mia, angry hearing a yes she states she thinks J. is a coward who won't admit to her before running off. Later, she & Damian make up and become a thing, although Liberty feels guilty because she is Emma's friend that is his girlfriend.

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Urkel (By Holly J.)Loser Van Zandt (by Paige)Madam Prime Minister (by Emma)Priss Face (by J. As she grew older, she became less annoying, but the judgmental streak of her personality was never dampened. Liberty has always been extremely intelligent and strives to be the best at everything she does despite her dyscalculia. Although she desperately wanted to keep her son, the two teenage parents-to-be settled on adoption because they were both terrified of what a child would do to their futures, although J. Over the years, she has toned down her need to be the best and is very outgoing around her friends. Liberty went into labour while on the road with Toby in his car. At the hospital, only Liberty got to hold their newborn son before handing him over to his adoptive parents. Afterward, she regretted her decision and turned to alcohol to comfort her sorrows. T.'s funeral, Liberty, in an emotional tailspin, developed feelings for Toby. " Liberty joined in, along with Mia, Danny, Derek, Toby and Sean. She helped Toby deal with them being at Degrassi telling him one person killed J. After breaking up a fight between Danny and a Lakehurst student (later revealed to be Lucas), Lucas taunts Liberty by saying that J. She goes on a road trip with Manny, Emma, and Ashley visiting Smithdale University for the college years and Manny's audition.

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