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There is nobody else who can & will enter the lists with him." Madison reluctantly agreed, writing as Helvidius.The most striking heresy, in Madison's mind, had to do with the broad construction of executive power, which Madison understood to be part of Hamilton's larger plan to transform the United States into an English-style regime."Nobody answers him, & his doctrine will therefore be taken for confessed.For God's sake, my dear Sir, take up your pen, select the most striking heresies, and cut him to pieces in the face of the public."Although America is not a party in the existing war," a group of prominent Philadelphia citizens proclaimed, "she may still be able in a state of peace to demonstrate the sincerity of her friendship by affording every useful assistance to the citizens of her sister republic." Honor demanded that the United States maintain fully its stipulated duties to France, something that the Proclamation did not address.The political controversy increased over the next few months, as Hamilton and Jefferson, with Attorney General Edmund Randolph acting as something of an intermediary, battled to define the precise terms of American neutrality and to meet America's treaty commitments with France without justifying British retaliation.Washington's decision caused immediate controversy among American supporters of France.

The Cabinet members agreed that the United States should stay out of the military conflict, keeping with the Revolutionary-era objective of maintaining commercial relations with Europe but remaining aloof from purely European controversies and wars.

Popular support for revolutionary France surged in America. What had previously been a continental war had now become a worldwide maritime conflict.

The United States, with its extensive commerce across the Atlantic and in the Caribbean, could no longer remain purely a spectator, trading unencumbered with all parties.

Minister Genet's provocative approach to relations between the two republics complicated matters further. Hamilton argued that mutual interest and reciprocal advantage were much sounder bases for relations among nations than gratitude.

In June, Federalist newspapers began to publish a series of essays by Pacificus—easily identified as Secretary Hamilton—which not only defended American neutrality, but did so by treating Hamilton's private arguments about the nullity of the Franco-American treaties and the questionable standing of the French Republic as if they were the authoritative position of the U. He asserted that the executive had broad constitutional authority over matters of foreign policy. He called on his political ally, Congressman James Madison, to respond to Hamilton publicly.

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